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"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference." Robert Frost


European mysteries

Yes, I know, I know I'm soo late! I was on an occult expedition in search for mysteries, and now I will present you a short photo review. Everything developed on its own, without any pressure, and the best part was that I always found myself on the right place, at the right time, not having initially whatever planned.

A couple of years ago when I visited Vienna, I had no idea that the Spear of Destiny was there. I just entered to see the Hofburg imperial treasury, turned around and stumbled upon this legendary relic. Well, that was hardly the original, although there should be a little truth in all stories about the Spear of Destiny.

I will not delve into history as there is plenty of information on the Internet. I wanted to share my emotion of such an encounter with a most bizarre artefact, which had inspired thousands of pages to be written. The Vienna Spear is considered to be "the most original of them all".

And here it is:

Earlier this month, when I visited the Nuremburg castle, quite accidentally I came across you know what? The second most famous Spear of Destiny! Everything was crystal clear. Let the dead man enter.

The plot thickened even more when, upon my return via Budapest I was walking around the old city in Buda. I saw the sign below and decided to follow it. It is illegible in the photo, the sign says "Labirintus".

I saw that those were some kind of dungeons, and thought they were turned into a gallery or something.

But then it was most surprising for me when I got out and stumbled upon this signage!

It came out that the providence again had led me to a place of a particular interest to me. A place that I mention in my first article about Count Dracula (still in a process of translation) being my premiere publication on this blog. I happened to be in the Hunyadi prison, where Matthias Corvin, son of Janos Hunyadi, held Vlad Tepes captive. Moreover, you can clearly read on the last signage something that was quite amazing for me and considered to be a fiction by that moment: during his stay at the prison, Count Dracula's castle in Wallachia had been robbed and his beloved queen committed suicide. On the Labyrinth website you can see that after Vlad Tepes was released, he did actually turned into a monster and became infamous with his cruely and bloody fights with the Turks.

I would have immediately speculated that Elizabeth Battory had regularly visited the count, if only she was born a century earlier. However, we cannot deny that the story around these personages is intriguing and maybe there is some mysterious connection between them and the Spear of Destiny, where I started my story from, especially when I mention that the original and most famous portrait of Vlad is kept in a private collection in Vienna. As long as I checked last time at Kunsthistorische Museum, I was told that they don't have it, and I knew it was supposed to be there. They informed me the portrait is at a private collection. Hidden from the curious looks as the portrait of Dorian Gray! Brrrrrrr! Someone is still walking around!
Another interesting fact around our fellas is the bloodline between Prince Charles and Vlad Tepes. Yes, this is an official fact and not a creation of my imagination when it comes to speculations and mysteries! According to Daily Mail, Prince Charles is a legitimate heir of Transylvania, and, as he says: "Transylvania is in my blood". It is believed that Queen Marie of Romania, consort of George V - Charles'great grandfather, was related to Vlad Tepes. Queen Marie married Ferdinand, the King of Romania, and moved to Romanid to rule Central and Eastern Europe. The Baltchik Palace in Bulgaria, at the Black Sea coast, is built after her order and it is her favourite place to rest. The spot is highly visited by foreign cinematographs.


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