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Tarot and other creatures

I am not a tarot pro, just fair enough for a self-respected wannabe-witch. I acquired my first tarot deck at my early teens, when I was 12 or 13-year old. I got my magic mojo even before that, in the times when I revealed my dark nature to the neighbourhood and people started to give me occult books and tarot decks as birthday presents, while my classmates received Fa deodorants and Nike t-shirts. Well, what to say, it was a matter of hobby afterall :)
So, I don't really remember if I got my first tarot deck as a present or I bought it myself, as I was really buying occult stuff and been given such presents a lot. The tarot that made me blink in oblivion with a wild wet eyes was the Arthurian tarot deck by Anna-Mary Ferguson. By now I consider this tarot deck to be the most beautiful of all. The cards are very nice and deep, bringing you back to the age of Arthur and recreating the main archetypes through the characters in this legend.

I usually do the lazy tarot method with three cards. First, I shuffle the cards. Then I cut with the Significator and take the card beneath it. That goes in the middle and represents the answer of my question. Then I take the upper card that goes to the left (mirror left, actual right) and stands for what helps to the situation. The last card in the deck that is under goes to the right (mirror right, actual left) and stands for all obstacles in this situation. Sometimes I decide to elaborate on a particular card and take another one from the deck to see what is the nature of the advantage or the disadvantage. The Arthurian tarot deck has always helped me and the cards reveal things to me quite accurate, due to the emotional and spiritual connection built between me and them - something that every cartomancer is aware of. The most important thing in choosing a tarot deck is to choose the correctly vibrating deck for the particular person.

Yesterday I came across to the Green Witch Tarot by Ann Moura, which impressed me quite a lot. Moreover, it has just came hot from the publishing house. The only thing I don't like about this deck is the lack of the frame, that feels like looking through a window to another world or dimension. Illustrated like this, in spite of the nice images, it feels like the realities somehow flow into each other, which is another point of view, but I prefer the window-portal one. This is not something that would prevent me from buying them, to say the least. Here is a short video of unboxing the deck:

If someone is possessed by them already, I would be happy to hear some comments and opinions. 

Another intriguing tarot deck, which I recently found, is the Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert. It is interestingly illustrated with a different approach. Due to its limited edition of 250 copies, the deck is already out of stock and could be found in Amazon starting from $200. No, thanks. I'm gonna skip that one. What is different here is the fact the author herself is the illustrator of the cards, using the faces of her friends and relatives. Have a look here:

Now, the topic about tarot is soo overused, things are been repeated, and repeated for ages, in tmes when values and archetypes change and new ones emerge. Everything in the "modern"occult world should be renovated and refreshed. Such old dogmas are being still used, and it is a common fact that you cannot build something different onto the same old base. I think that something fundamentally should be changed, a change in perception of realities, adopted to the current value system and pursuits of the modern occultist.
I will write more about my other decks in a future post.

Until then - 
Sapere aude.

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