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Magick jewelry

In the midst of the Lupercalia, my mind is floating on a flying island in the blue sky, seeing images of fairies, dragons and the Lady of the Lake. The spring is just right around the corner, and I am full-power ready for witchy-crafts and what not. Browsing the magicknet, I stumbled upon these precious gifts of a talented lady and wanted to share her works with you. And guess what - she happened to be a Bulgarian!

Magick jewelry and accessories are very important part of a ritual. The symbols encrypted within and the intention of the craftmaker are essential to any magickal work. I enjoy different types of jewelry, mostly made of silver and gemstones, because their energetic frequency is higher. However, I do have some weird stuff in my collection, found or given by random people. One of them is this Monas Hieroglyphica, that was given to me as a present and made by a person who has nothing to do with magick. Weird, as I said.

But let's get back to the talented lady. Her name is Luba, which means "Love" in Bulgarian (yes, I know today is St. Valentine's day). Moreover, she seems to have that mojo, which lacks in jewelry crafts as I sense a unique approach to the materials and combining them in a way, which she doesn't seem to copy from anyone. This is more than satisfactory for me and my taste. 

Here is what I call The Sea Witch Necklace, my favourite:

The next one I would call The Fire Antenne, and use it in rituals with fire:

You can see the triangular ornaments and the circle in the center, which resembles fire and its flames. Very strong energetically.

The other elemetal necklace, which bound my attention for a while, is The Earth Avatar:

Brown, gold and amber are the main colours in this necklace. You can feel the oval forms of the earth, no sharp corners, everything is smooth and calm.

And let's finish with a fancy romantic jewel of pink wildness, which I would put on when September comes and marvel at the falling leaves in the garden. Because, this is The Air Necklace:

You can find Luba's works at Etsy's hereStay tuned, and don't forget to buy nice things for the people you truly love!

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