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Migraine: 7 Alternative Relief Methods

I suffer from migraine since 2007. That was the year my body started alarming me something is wrong with my head and that something MUST change. That was 9 years ago. I just recently started to really look inside me and analyze why I got hit by Madam M. I remember the very first day I got a migraine crisis. It was the end of my 16-hour working day (high season), stressed at maximum level, although you never know what is your maximum, like you can always get more and more.

I'd like to share my 7 Do's when you have a migraine. I decided to write them down, because it seems like you KNOW what you have to do to relieve the severe pain, but you just don't have enough strength to do it, as it's killing you.

1) Drink TONS of water. What I learned from this amazing book - Your Body's Many Cries For Water - is that I have been constantly dehydrated, due to the enormous level of stress at my workplace and, moreover,  not drinking enough water due to lack of time. I understood that the brain needs tons of water in order to function, and when you are performing a great deal of intelectual work, you sentence your brain to death unless you provide it with water. Actually, the normal headache is the first signal of your brain telling you to get him a glass of water. So this is the MUST DO #1 when you get hit by migraine.

2) Along with water comes the minerals. I realized it did helped when I drank the following mixture: 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt dissolved in 1 teaspoon of apple vinegar and half a glass of water. That's because the brain swims in a mineral-based liquid.

3) Put your feet (and hands) in hot water and stay as much as you can. Yes, I know it is illogical, that's exactly what I told the acupuncturist when he told me to do so. Actually, it is quite logical: if your head gets red and hot of pain you need to get this hotness down - down to your hands and feet. Try your feet while with a migraine, at least mine were really cold, and this procedure really helped.

4) No Internet, no music, no TV: just force yourself to lay down and close your eyes for 15 minutes at least. This is MUST DO #2. The migraine's usual suspects are bright light, some food and alchohol, and eyes overworked.

5) Visualize a royal blue cloud surrounding your head. Feel the coolness it radiates and see how you get rid of the hot air off your pulsating head. A friend of mine told me this technique and it definately helps.

6) Have orgasm ASAP. Yes, it is true: sex is the panacea for all sickness and misery in the world. Have sex or masturbate (or both) to get the tension out of your psyche and out of your body. This is MUST DO #3. You will feel immediate relief. Sex goes with laughing as well, in general if your brain gets a nice dose of endorfine, you will improve in no time.

7) Bury your hands into the ground. I was really surpised to learn the simple fact that the brain is influenced by the electromagnetic forces of the atmosphere, which means that whenever a storm is coming you can sense it. It's another migraine trigger. So, I read that burying your hands into soil, like doing gardening at the time of crisis would improve your condition. You literally ground yourself. You will definately feel better after the start of the rain.

The psychological explanation of the migraine, according to different scholars is varying. Rudiger Dalke explains that migraine has everything to do with sexuality and creativity. Let's face it: migraine is the grand battle between mind and heart. When the two don't get along with each other, the body suffers. That's why 80% of the people having migraine are women, because women thing too much bullshit, especially during their period. Remove the drama, remove the migraine. And next time your partner wants sex, don't lie you have a headache, because eventually you WILL get a headache due to avoiding sex. Isn't it ironic, don't you think :) 

Women have the tendency of avoiding digging up deeper into their consciousness to get to the real crux of the matter. The lack of regular connection to their psyche causes blockages in the energetic meridian grid. This is the reason why water (drinking or washing) calms down your headache, because water represents subconsciousness.

The severe pain in the head means you are hitting it onto the wall, i.e. you are searching for a logical solution of a problem, which is contrary of what your heart wants. In time, this gets chronical and you become extremely sensitive to the levels of stress. Thus, more and more triggers may cause a migraine. At the time I decided to listen to my heart, no matter how hard it was, my migraine hits became less frequent. You just have to follow your flow and stop confronting your real you. It is not easy at all, but eventually you arrive where you are supposed to.

I would love to hear your methods of dealing with Madam M, please share!

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