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"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference." Robert Frost


Tree magic for abundance

This Halloween was my spiritual birthday and a personal revelation of a deeper understanding of magic and the force within. I humbly gathered my tangible and intangible gifts and submerged into the realm of witches, spells, unicorns and flying pixies. It was refreshing, to say the least. My openheartedness and almost absolute lack of definitions of what this night should bring, helped me get onto the road to this most bizarre journey. For, 

"One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious." 

                                           Carl Gustav Jung

As one should give in order to get in return, I'm gonna share with you a magic spell for abundance that I perceived yesterday, though it may have lied in the collective unconscious since ages. So, if you want to attract abundance (not just money) in your home, you need to bury a nice golden coin deep into the roots of an apple tree. I have already explained here why the apple is important in materializing stuff into our reality (credits go again to Parallel Reality Publishing). The tree has a function of a portal to another realities. When you bring the gold into the roots that grow and grow, you simply cast a spell for a growth of your wealth (if you have such haha) as the roots grow themselves. This spell is to be done during waxing crescent, of course. You may even empower the ritual by surrounding yourself in this day with material symbols of abundance: put on new clothes, make several rich dishes for dinner as it were a holiday (it is, in a way), money and coins spread on the table, or elsewhere in your home. And you have to be healthy at this moment, not ill of course, or you will bring the corrupted energy magnified back on you with this ritual. Just be creative and let the positive energy currents flow freely through you and your home.

When at the tree, visualize how your coin replicates underground and feeds the tree itself as the roots grow. See how the abundance in your life nourishes this tree as it becomes your Tree of Life. See how the tree gives ordinary fruits that turn into golden apples. These are your golden apples, and you have to believe they are golden when you eat the fruits of this tree after some time. The gold eventually will return back you to as you eat the apples, because the coin underneath has raisen the vibration of the tree into higher dimension, thus making it your real magic tree of life.

If you are a spell fan, you may say a few words like "Thank you, Hypatia for this great tree magic" or sort of. No, just joking :) You can say, for instance, something like this:

As the roots of this tree grow inside the earth,
so will the abundance grow in my life.
For the power of three, mote it be, mote it be, mote it be.
This is my will, so mote it be.

You can then make 3 circles clockwise around the tree and remember to take care of the tree: you have to take care of the soil and dung it, water it regularly, and speak to it. If there are insects or weeds, remove them. This is your tree of life afterall, take a good care of it. If it starts to pine away, this means there is something you are not doing it right. Remember to be persistent, thankful and attentive.

Another spell you may cast with a coin is for home protection. Simply bury a coin next to your door. If you live in an appartment, you can put a pot of cactus at the front door and bury the coin in the pot. Any flowers are not reccommendable, because they will soon die from the chaotic (and often bad) energies at this particular place. So, you gotta put something that will resist all these severe bio-conditions and not eventually dry out. Bad energies or ghosts/phantoms/thought-forms will be attracted to the symbol of gold (the coin, although not of pure gold, it holds the symbol of money and wealth).

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