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"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference." Robert Frost


The art of numbers

The mystery of numbers has inspired people since time memorial. Their hidden knowledge has been pursued and perceived by great minds like Pythagorus, Archimedes, Newton and... me :) I have always been keen on numbers and their true multidimensional nature. Everything is mathematics, as we all have heard before.

"Mathematics is the art of giving the same name to different things."
                                                   Jules-Henri Poincare

I'm gonna elaborate more on the shape of the arabic numbers here and the archetype that lies behind them. 

Roman numeral system represent the patriarchate, the raw male energy that was in power during that time period. It consists of sharp lines making Is and Xs, which is "I, me, mine" - representing the Ego, and "X, Here is my territory. Divide and conquer." Roman numerals are very representative of the age they have been invented. They are simple and not intricate, while combined they make complex and heavy numbers. For example, MCMLIV is 1954, MCMXC is 1990 and MMXV is 2015. That is why, quite naturally, this system died and is being currently used for specifying the number of chapters, indices, etc. 

Arabic numerals, or Indo-Arabic numerals, are actually created in their current form in North Africa. It was Fibonacci who brought them to Europe and made them so popular. Compared to the Roman numerals, Arabic numerals are soft, refined and feminine. This all fits the whole "feminine energy" era we are experiencing right now. Arabic numerals represent the ideas and archetypes in force nowadays. Today, it is all about money and time. The more, the better. People need huge numbers in order to maintain their illusive happiness and needs. People need more time as time is money, and time is the most valuable resource on the planet. Todays women need more money to buy things that make them time-less: make-up, clothes, perfumes, age. Women need products which they think would defeat time and would make them look younger, but buying those products means having more money to buy time, and this is all one and the same illusion. Women need change. You cannot understand change if you stay at one and the same state of mind and body, if you are in a cycle of repeating events and not getting the whole picture of your lesson. This is one reason why the most brilliant people in the world and through the ages are men, rather than women. Women will hardly understand their true nature because they are afraid to face it in the mirror. Nowadays this is twisted into drastic plastic surgeries at the age of 20 and other extremes of the body to make it look younger and more beautiful. Women simply need to change and the world will change.

You cannot defeat time if time owns you. You are still in its strong grasp, as a bird trapped in a net: the more it tries to free itself, the stronger the grip gets. Understanding numbers means understanding the nature of time as the numbers are the instrument that people have invented to measure time, to measure the differences in someone's state, and thus - measuring change. But how can you measure change in one's state of body, spirit or soul? How can you tell that a minute has passed if everything is still the same? You can see how the reason for creating time has vanished, and all that has left is the time itself, governing the reason. The result has crystalized from a thought into a reality of time. Today it is not the difference in a state that matters in a first place, it is solely and only the time. And please don't say it is the spin of the planet that creates time, come on. Nobody on earth can really feel this spin, ok? So how can you invent something to serve your needs if you don't feel that thing in the first place?

Enough about that. Let's go to the real deal.

You can not find any zero in the Roman numeral system. There is no such digit. There is a concept of hundreds, thousands and millions, but zero is not an individual entity, which is, it does not exist at all, even as a structural digit for making numbers. This is very important to understand. Fibonacci brought the zero to Europe, along with the other Arabic numerals. It eventually gained power through the ages and now the zero stands still and almighty, laughing at all below, corresponding to The Fool in tarot. From a half-idiot, now it becomes a complete idiot. Full circle.

A scene from "The 10th Kingdom" mini-series, where the village fool becomes a complete idiot after the water from the magic well has been freed and his wish comes true

"Mathematics is the music of reason."
James Joseph Sylvester

During the past few years I often cought myself writing the numbers with a continuous line and it was quite a fun for me.

You can see the interconnectivity of the simple numerals. Each one flows into the other, like a Skyfall. It is the great Fall of the archetype into the material world so that it could start its own journey through oneness.

The Zero is the Absolute, the Eternity and the neverending Oroborus, the Androgyn. It is the cycle existing within itself. It cuts through and forms the 1.

The One is male, straight, severe and raw, simple and just. It is the Fall of the Absolute.

The Two is the female aspect that emerged from the 1, it is the dual nature of all things, carrying the beauty, the grace and elegance. Meantime, it is dangerous, cruel and aggresive when it comes to protection of what is within (real female nature or the baby). It is Lilith, The Queen of Night.

The Three is the firstborn of the 1 and 2. Thus it bears the characteristics of their marriage and at the same time is something different, a synergetic outcome that it unique in its own. The 3 is the newborn consciousness, aware of its identity.

The Four is the Crossroad, a crossing of 2 different aspects that create life and the surroundung nature. It is the four elements born out of the Absolute to present a platform for the previous, a scene to perform their Game of Thrones. It is the Destiny, The Path, The Wheel of Fortune or Jupiter.

The Five is the more elaborate mixture of 2s and 3s. It is the Pentagram, or Earth-Air-Water-Fire revived by the Spirit.

The Six is the structural matter and the hidden potential. It is the Carbon with all its secrets that are hidden in the mysteries of the Universe. It is the ultimate knowledge of Matter. Thus, 666 is the number of Man.

The Seven is the Sign of the God, the Hope, the Leap of Faith. 777 is the number of the awakened Beast who has realized its true nature and capabilities.

The Eight is the Universe when the Absolute started to divide itself. It is the multiaspect reality, containing mirror world and parallel realities, to make it all harder to understand.

The Nine is the last step of the Ladder, before getting back to the Absolute, the Full Circle.

This is my interpretation of numbers and the way I perceive them. This is the Path of the individual represented by tarot with more elaboration of the steps through 22. All paths lead back to the Zero.

And let's finish with what Batman has to say about numbers:

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