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"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference." Robert Frost


Sea talisman for love and protection

And finally, the craft season started! Yeah, I know it took some time. But good things need time, right? 
                     This is a sea talisman I made for a friend...

It is spelt to bring love and protection as this is what she desires at the moment. So you can see the celtic heart knot and an agate stone hanging on it.

The upper part is tied with willow branches as willow is a powerful tree for protection. All materials I gathered while fishing during a sunny and windy November day on the sea. Thus, the materials are highly energized with the elements of Wind and Water. By the way, I found a great Wand, along with the willow fruits:

Amazing, isn't it? My first wand I found in Romania, at the forest near Sarmisegetusa, the ancient Dacian capital. It just appeared on the ground in front of me, while walking around. It is magical, I could feel the energy that day. Never searched for it, it came to me the same way as the sea wand was just there for me, exactly on the spot I was about to sit on the shore. Here it is:

So, I decided that it is far better to have a separate wand for calling each element, as I already have two, without intending to. I called the forest wand - The Wand of Earth, and that from the shore - The Wand of Water. Thank you, Nature, for these great gifts!

If you'd like to have your personal tailor-made talisman, you can e-mail me at Individual prices and discounts apply according to your specific requirements. Payments accepted through PayPal.

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