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"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference." Robert Frost


About black holes, one golden member and 23

Sagittarius A*. The massive black hole in the center of our galaxy. The omnieating avid mega-monster. Just like the vagina. Brrrr! Behold the Mama Monster! 

Nowadays it is very popular to talk about quantum physics. So let's talk a bit about fractals. I am not sure if I get the term right. For me a fractal means just one thing: that the microcosmos is a reflection of the macrocosmos and vise versa simultaniously; not that the one precedes the other, like the eternal question about the egg and the hen (to all of you who still bang their heads on this - get a life, will ya?).

"What man is at ease in his Inn?
Get out.
Wide is the world and cold.
Get out.
Thou hast become an in-itiate.
Get out.
But thou canst not get out by the way thou camest
in. The Way out is THE WAY.
Get out.
For OUT is Love and Wisdom and Power.
Get OUT.
If thou hast T already, first get UT.
Then get O.
And so at last get OUT."

                   The Book of Lies, Aleister Crowley 

My excitement over the old bitch Sgr A* increased even more when I saw the Bulgarian April edition of National Geographic Magazine and when series of enlightening thoughts began to deluge my otherwise dark identity. I said to myself, "Maybe something is going to emerge from this black hole, and it would not just swallow everything like an old single lady in the middle of her wet dreams.

So what is the connection between my dirty gibberish and the greatest mystery of modern astronomy, or where the hell does this whole energy go, if the energy in our known universe does not just disappear, but rather transforms?

After I read the article in the magazine, I stumbled upon a new hypothesis, claiming that not only there is no black hole in the center of the galaxy, but actually there is a wormhole, which spits the whole semen on the other side, in another universe. I thought that this is genious and in fact explains a lot of stuff. Moreover, it is a particular confirmation of the brilliantly ordered chaos, that we live in, and it is in line with all the simple and perfect processes within. Especially that part with the time travel.

I left these thoughts to ripen in my mind and they just waited for the right moment until I got myself turned on again. And, of course, it happened at the right time: during a nice August afternoon at the beach, when my estrogen level was at its maximum and I sprinkled pheromones everywhere. I had grabbed a few NGM editions, supposedly not read, without realizing that I had already read it. 

The main function of the vagina is to swallow and to transform, to process the received male creative energy and vital semen, in order to transform it into life after nine lunar months. The creative Sun goes into the Black hole that is his real antagonist, not the Moon, which is only a reflector and a catalyst. Thus, the Nazi's Black Sun is in fact a cult of the genuine feminine origin - the destructive omnieating In, the primary element without a beginning or end, that is and will always be eternal and unbeatable. Its symbol even looks like a swirling black hole.

The Golden mean is stamped onto the universe which we live in. It is a constant factor in creation of all things, which are and will be. It is the elegant e-signature of the invisible creative hand, which does not stop sending e-mails and spams. Galaxies are being created based on the Golden mean, on the way of the eternal swirling spiral.

By means of the Golden ratio life is also created in the women's womb, and it is present in the development of the fetus after conception. In 2012 a Belgian gynecologist starts a bold experiment to measure the vaginal proportions of 5000 patients in order to determine the relation between the fertility and the Golden mean. It appears that this is exactly true: the most fertile are those women who have wombs with proportions close to that magical number.

So now we have the Golden Vagina. Whether you have a Golden Member or not, you can check yourself using the formula below:

(a+b):b ~ 1,618
where: а - length, b - circumference

The more the result is close to the Golden mean, the better! Which reminds me of the greatest Gold member - Austin Powers (or the Power of Gold) and his travels in time, that synchronize with the whole material above. Obviously you can really reach the stars with a Gold member, and even beyond!

In this co-authored article (Bulgarian only) the connection between gold and the creative origin is hinted. The described 24-gold cluster, which I stubmled upon "by accident" back then, represents a 3D-model of the Tree of Life:


A year ago, I googled around this topic again and surprisingly found out that other people like me have had found the same connection. The image below is from a discussion forum, which address unfortunately I cannot recall (apologies about that).

The male and the female origin are entangled in this structure, forming an ensemble of archetypes, symbolically represented by the basic geometrical figures. This model simultaniously resembles a womb and a phalos. 

Peter Moon, in his book The Montauk Book of the Living makes a brilliant observation about the structure of the Tree of Life, re-confirmed in this article as well. Here it is (page 120):

"The book of Law begins by stating "Had! The manifestation of Nuit." Nuit is an Egyptian name for "night" or Sothis (the night star), the same name by which Mark Roberts recognized the symbol

Sothis and Sirius both represent the feminine energy.
Line 23, 24 and 25 read as follows:
"23. But whoso availeth in this, let him be the chief of all!
 24. I am Nuit and my word is six and fifty.
           25. Divide, add, multiply, and understand."

These lines give an even deeper clue. As the feminine aspect of night, Nuit identifies herself as "six and fifty"which is another way of saying the numeral "56". "Divide" is the next instruction, but the division we are talking about is not what you are used to in math. As anyone who is familiar with esoteric geometry should recognize, "divide" means to separate "five" from the "six". We are also told to "add" them which is significant. "Adding", however, has two separate meaning. See the following interpretation for clarification:

six and fifty = 56
dividing 56, we have 5 and 6
adding, we have 5 + 6 = 11

Eleven is the number of Abrahadabra which is the concept that "ends" The Book of the Law (per its own statement). In Aramaic, Abrahadabra means "I create with the words thus spoken." This word is also featured on the grid page with the cross-in-a-circle symbol for Sothis or Sirius, a system then known as a two-star system. As  part of the "hidden" magical formula of Abrahadabr, these two stars of Sothis are represented graphically as a pentagram and a hexagram. When we are told to add the 5 (pentagram) and the six (hexagram) as per above, we get a much deeper meaning.

Now, look and consider that the upside down pentagram is a female being penetrated by the phallic part of the hexagram. This is, of course, representative of the birth of life. If this glyoh is then cut out and multiplied (as per The Book of the Law) by three, they can be twisted to make the pattern for a DNA molecule. The glyph therefore represents spirit going into or animating matter. 


The upside down pentagram is often misconstrued to be satanic. While it is true that satanists utilize this symbol, the pentagram represents spirit over matter when it is upright. When it is reversed, ir represents matter over spirit. When spirit is incarnating into a biological entity, it is obvioulsy becoming subservient to matter on some level.

This glyph not only represents the birth of an individual life form, it also represents the Cabalistic Tree of Life. All that is needed to complete the usual diagram is to add Malkuth (the bottom point of sepiroth which represents the Earth)."

 (end of quote)

What Peter Moon describes affirms my observations about the Tree of Life. I don't know if Crowley realized the whole magnitude of the message transmitted to him by Aiwass, that happened from 8th to 10th of April 1904 in Cairo. This in particular resonates with the April NGM edition, during which time I had series of odd magical dreams).

In the above graph of the 24-gold cluster model we can also see a unicursal hexagram, which is written with one single continuous movement of the hand, in comparison to the Jewish hexagram. This, of course, is the main Thelemic symbol:

"Division of the substances is infinate"

Now, let's dig a little deeper into the real nature of the pentagram and the hexagram. It is not a coincidence that these are the fundamental symbols of almost all religions and of the mass culture. But what makes them be?

Esoterically speaking, they are both formed by 2 and 3, because 5 = 2 + 3, and 6 =2 x 3. These numbers are the basis which the whole universe expands from as well as the creative process. The Zero (The Great Void) divides itself like a biological cell during mythosis, and thus forms the One. The one replicates itself and creates Two. And 1 plus 2 makes 3, or - the Fibonacci's illustration:

These numbers create Phi, or the Golden ration. The 2 and the 3 have very interesting features, being simple numbers: their addition and their multiplication give two consequtive simple numbers after number 4 - 5 and 6, giving the pentagram and the hexagram. Moreover, their quotient gives a very intriguing number:

2/3 = 0,666 in a period

Peter Moon presents even more important finding of his, that the so called Number of the Beast - 666, is the most misunderstood number of all, because it actually is the Number of Life, representing the atom of the carbon. Carbon, as we all know, is a msut-have condition for creating life forms. The atom of the carbon consists of 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 4 electrons. In Cabala, the 23rd path in Tarot is related to The Hanged Man. Crowley says that this card namely represents the concept that "The only way OUT is WITHIN".

And here is a little bit more on 23. There are 23 letters in Latin alphabet. The 23rd letter is „W“, which consists of 2 point below and 3 above. Root square of 2, 3 and 5 are used in tetrahedron hyperdimensional psysics, the ideal form. There are 23 axioms in Euclidean geometry. Human biorhyhtmic cycle covers 23 days. 23 seconds are necessary for the blood to make a full cycle in the human body. The are 46 couples of chromosomes in a human cell, or 2 x 23. Earth axis has a tilt of 23,5 degrees. Sirius A's brightness index is 23,5.

And let's finish where we started from, you should already know that I like full circles.

In The Book of Lies Crowley speaks of one's Yin or the feminine aspect. The inn, the cave, the womb. A person is still in the womb of his mother before he spiritually awakens. The womb is wide, dark and cold as this is the feminine Yin. In order to become In-itiate you MUST get out to the world and be spiritually born.

"What man is at ease in his Inn?
Get out.
Wide is the world and cold.
Get out.
Thou hast become an in-itiate.
Get out."

This could be done only if you realize your true feminine energy and incorporate it in your life and believe system. This is connected to balancing the first chakra so that the creative sexual energy could flow up and energizes the other chakras.

Then Crowley speaks of the portals in reality, or the reality glitches. He says, "Get OUT". If we don't read this as a phrase verb, we can interpret it as "Get (something)". Using simple gematria we see that OUT equals 56. Surprise, surprise!

If thou hast T already, first get UT.
Then get O.
And so at last get OUT." 

The poem says that first we need to get "UT". So let's do it using the simplest letter numerolgy:


U has a numerical value of 3, and T has a value of 2. Wait a minute, what is that - a pure coincidence? I believe not. Tricky, tricky Trickster.

So again we have 3 + 2 which is 5.

Then the text says we have to add O. O has a numerical value of 6. Isn't it nice when all pieces come together at their right places!

Now we have 56. OUT is 11 or 23, it is all and the same.

Here is the full circle and the cross in between.

Sapere aude.

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