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Magical bags and yantras for health

This year I decided to make my unique holiday presents for my beloved friends. They are filled with my energy and best whishes. I am a big fan of the magical bags and finally I made my own for this reason. The ones I am going to present here are meant to bring health, strength and joy of life to their owner. Before starting making them, I just had a vague idea of what I wanted to be inside. The whole construction process just happened: I never planned what eventually emerged.

I have already mentioned that I like natural magic and balancing the elements in order to influence someone's needs and wishes. Well this time I kinda used some ceremonial stuff, like the planetary magic squares. Just love numbers, can't help it.

So, the first one I made is for my friend P., who is Capricorn. She has a health issue as well as a few unpleasant planetary aspects in her natal chart, so she needs to balance Saturn. Moreover, Saturn is the planet that governs Capricorn, so it was a perfect match: I made a Saturn square. Yes, I know it should be done on Saturday (Saturnday), but today I felt the power. It is Monday (Moonday), waxing crescent, so not so bad as a matter of fact.

First, I chose a purple piece of cloth to make the bag. Saturn's square is made of 3 x 3 rows and its sum equals 45. This is very good, because P.'s personal number is 9. That's why I put 9 willow fruits for protection inside. The Saturn square should be put into a triangle, as 3 is its primal number, and then the triangle should be put into a circle. I made it from purple paper, as Saturn loves purple, it is one of the planets of higher realms, along with Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto. Inside the Saturn square I encrypted her name to make it personal and to make it work for her. The numeral equivalent of her name is 7-3-1-4-5-5-1. You simply draw a line across the number in the square, this embedding the name. This is her personal Saturn signature.

Next, I made a birth magical square for health. This is very easy, though it may seem a little complecated. I used the formula described in Richard Webster's book "Numerology Magic". Her personal yantra for health, rejuvanation and rebirth should hold the number 5 as the total amount of the numbers on the upper row. Long story short, it gives you all the clues of the areas you need to change and/or look out for in your personal life. In her case, she needs to listen more to her intuition in connection to investments in health practices and choose the correct ones, not driven by emotions. She also needs to take care more of herself, than of her family and friends as she is too altruistic and this is not good for her health in this particular time period.

I also made her a bindrune. My friend's personal rune is Perth, the rune of chance and mystery. I encorporated Uruz - the rune of strength, and Ingwaz, the rune of peace and harmony into the bindrune. You can absolutely choose your own design, what I did is what I felt it fits best. You can see the bindrune in red, symbolizing blood and vitality, on the triangular river stone:

I added a few lavender stalks for harmony and a fish flake for prosperity and fertility from the huge carp caught this summer. I also put a chestnut for power and strength, as the chestnut is an energy generator throughout the whole winter.

The last thing I made is a mini-tarot card. I chose The Sun for her, as I wanted its power, joy and vitality to be present in her life during 2016.

Now as the ingredients are ready, I energized them with my healing energy, visualising her well-being. I left it for a while only to see the interesting sunray diagonal crossing over Saturn square, the chestnut and the bindrune! It was energized indeed!

The second magical bag is for my friend D. She suffers also from a serious health problem, so I wanted to help her my way. The magical ingredients are the same, customized according to her birth date. D. is Gemini, so I made the Mercury square. It was very strange how the ingredients picked themselves out. I had no idea what colour that would be, or how big it would be. I just decided to make the 8 x 8 square tiny and smaller than the 3 x 3 Saturn square. At first, it didn't make any sense. After I completed it and gaze at it, I understood: Saturn square was supposed to be big, because the planet is a gaz giant, and Mercury is supposed to be small, simply because it is small! Moreover, while making Saturn square I was totally concentrated, grounded and stable. When I started to make Mercury, after I did a break for focusing on the energy of D., I started to make mistakes while writing the numbers, the lines, etc. It was VERY annoying. It was pure Mercury energy, and I wasn't tired, that was for sure. I just picked the energy of the planet, and we all know that Mercury is very talkative, excited, like a small child running around and making mess without meaning it.

So, I took a mild violet saten cloth, sеw its еnds with purple wool cord and started:

We have the Mercury square with her name encrypted for luck: 4-5-5-9-2-1-1. We have her birth magic square customized for health and prosperity (number 5). We have the willow fruits (4 as this is her birth number), the lavender stalks and the chestnut.

The bindrune I made encorporates Uruz and Ingwaz again, and Dagaz, the rune of transformatiom. My intuition said it should be written in blue, the same as the Mercury square.

I chose The Strength for a tarot card for D. I made the card picturing only the lion, without the maid who is the usual companion of the lion. Moreover, The Strength is number 8 of the Major Arcana, which corresponds "by coincidence" to the 8 x 8 Mercury square. It all fits without knowing it, I haven't even read a book about it. I read somewhere that Mercury likes oregano, so I added some as well. And, voila:

Tied well to serve their owner's needs, here they are, shining and ready to be given:

If you'd like to have your personal tailor-made magic bag and/or yantra, you can e-mail me at Individual prices and discounts apply according to your specific requirements. Payments accepted through PayPal.

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